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LANDLORDS – Are you stressed and fed up with the property market and want to be free from the burden?

Over recent years many everyday people have become landlords as it was seen to be an effective way of supplementing their monthly income. Throughout the 1990’s during the property rise, many new landlords jumped on the property band wagon and decided to have a go at property investing. 10- 15 years on and many landlords are fed up with the hassle of being a property landlord. Many investment properties were badly hit by the price crash and countless landlords were left in negative equity, with any cash put into the deal eaten away by the deficit.
Many landlords are experiencing countless issues including problems with tenants, bad payers, shortfall of rent to cover mortgage payments, vandalism of the property which is too expensive to rectify and crucifying void periods.
If you want out of the property game now, We buy Properties have fantastic options for you to make your investment work again or help you to walk away, owing nothing.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions call us now to see how we can help you stop the stress.

1. Are you fed up with being a landlord?
2. Are you struggling to rent out your property and meet associated costs?
3. Is the rental income falling short of your monthly mortgage payments.
4. Are you in negative equity and want to walk away?
5. Are you fed up with dealing with problem tenants?
6. Are rental arrears causing you extra financial burden?
7. Have tenants left your property in bad repair?
8. Is your property empty and in an unlivable condition?
9. Are the void periods cancelling out any profit margin from your property?

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