Inheriting a property may seem like a gift, but in many cases it causes a whole range of problems.
Unless you are the sole beneficiary and want to use the property yourself, your only option may be to sell it. If there are numerous beneficiaries and you and your family have inherited property, a fast cash sale may be the best solution.
A cash sale avoids future expense and hassle and provides a fast conclusion to a sometimes upsetting process.

In many cases, an inherited house will need renovation or updating in order to attract buyers at a good price. You may have to finance work yourself before this can be achieved and if there are multiple beneficiaries or you do not live close by, this task can become extremely difficult.
As well as the problem of finding reliable local workmen when you possibly do not live in the area yourself, you need to get the agreement of all the beneficiaries to agree to the work and the price. This can be impossible, especially if the inheritance is to be shared by a large number of people.

A further problem to leaving a property empty is the risk of damage by vandals or squatters. Leave the property empty for too long and it can become a magnet for vandalism and damage, often leading to further legal expense and repair costs.

In the majority of probate cases, the property will need to be sold. However, selling via an estate agent can be time consuming and you still may not get a good price. It can take months or even years to find the right buyer willing to pay the price that the beneficiaries all agree upon.
In the meantime, bills and maintenance of the house have to be met. In some cases where the deceased has not left a huge amount of money, costs may have to come out of your own pocket.

In most probate cases, a fast cash sale offers the best and easiest solution all round. It avoids further costs, keeps the beneficiaries happy and will pass on a useful cash inheritance to family, often in the spirit of the deceased person’s wishes.

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