Negative equity

‘We Buy Properties’ prides itself on offering multiple solutions to any property problem and one of these many solutions is a lease option.
Sometimes selling your house for cash is not an option – especially if your property is in negative equity or has very little equity in it.
However, we can help you resolve this situation within a week by using a lease option.

Imagine you need to sell your house quickly. You already know that it is a buyer’s market and the market is slow. Your house remains on the market and your estate agent urges you to reduce the price to attract buyers.
The problem is that if you are caught in negative equity or have little equity on the house, you cannot drop your price because you will end up owing the mortgage lender money even after your house is sold!
You are caught in an impossible situation where you cannot sell yet are still committed to paying your mortgage.

Situations like this are common, but we can help. With a lease option, ‘We Buy Properties’ can pay your mortgage for you and take on the responsibility of your property, with a view to buying it at a later date, once the price has risen.
The advantages to you are that you are freed immediately from the mortgage and the maintenance and bills on the property.
You can move out without leaving a trail of debt and you will not have to face repossession or bankruptcy. We agree on a time scale in which we have an option to buy your house at an agreed price in the future, usually within 3 to 7 years.
In the meantime, we lease your property and in return, you agree to sell to us in the future.

We can arrange an independent solicitor to act for you and we will pay your legal fees so it will not cost you a penny. Once the paperwork and legalities are completed, usually in approximately seven days, you are then free from any obligation relating to the house. It is as if you have sold it.

A lease option is ideal for certain cases. It will help you if you are in one of the following situations.

  • Facing repossession
  • If you have mortgage arrears
  • If you are stuck in negative equity or have little equity on your property
  • If you want to quickly alleviate the burden and stress of owning a property
  • You want to agree on a future price but you do not need all of your equity immediately
  • If you are facing financial difficulties and need a quick solution to get your life back on track

Our lease option is free and will provide an immediate solution to your problem. You will not have to continue to pay your mortgage and you will be able to expect a pay out at a later date, once the house is sold.

A lease option offers you flexibility to suit your own circumstances. In some cases it is the best option. Contact us on 0843 289 0589 to find out more or fill in the form at the top of this page.

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