Need to sell house fast

Selling your house? Need to move fast?

It may sound simple, but unfortunately thousands of people are struggling to sell their house in the current economic downturn. Many houses are on the market for years with few or no viewings, some houses are sold subject to contract numerous times, but the finance falls through to support the sale. There is a lack of first time buyers entering the market, forced to rent as their mortgage applications are turned down, never has it been so difficult to get finance in place to facilitate buying a house. First time buyers represent one fifth of housing sales, so when the smaller houses aren’t shifting at entry level, the whole process grinds to a halt and subsequently people are unable to move on.

Lack of successful mortgage applications are not the only problem. If you bought a house 10 years ago, you most likely would have been asked to put down a deposit of 10 or 15%, some lenders even granted no money down mortgages with 0% deposits. This has changed over the last five years with 20-25% deposits being required to secure finance on properties.

Halifax and Nationwide suggest the average house price at the end of 2013 was £175,000, making the average deposit required for a mortgage £35 – £44,000. Unfortunately not many of us are in the position to access that kind of money, with everyday living costs spiraling out of control, saving is harder than ever.
We Buy Properties specialise in finding solutions for people who are struggling to get desired results in the current property market. Whether it’s selling or buying, we are able to help people get the outcome they have been dreaming about. NO reduced asking price, NO big deposits, just straight forward solutions to keep the property market moving.

Unfortunately estate agents offer a very narrow service. They will market the property at the agreed price, if the property fails to sell they will then instigate a price reduction, if the property still remains unsold it will be put on the back burner and will end up sitting on their books with little or no viewings for years.
We Buy Properties offer a range of solutions which sell properties quickly with no price reduction.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions call us now as we can help you.

1. Are you ready to move on, but can’t sell your house?
2. Need to sell, but don’t want to reduce the asking price?
3. Do you need to move fast?
4. Do you need money out of your house fast?
5. Are you in negative equity?
6. Do you just want to walk away?
7. Do you want to achieve full market value for your property?
8. Are you in arrears with your mortgage?
9. Is the stress of not being able to sell your house keeping you awake at night?
10. Do you need a miracle?!!

We can tailor specific options for your circumstances and help you achieve your desired outcome.
At We buy Properties we have helped home sellers achieve their dream scenario. Traditional estate agents take a very narrow view to selling a home. If it doesn’t sell…..reduce the price. How many times can you keep reducing the price, surely there must be other options?

YES! We buy Properties offer a range of other options to suit individual needs. We can either buy your house ourselves or assist you in attracting a new buyer. A buyer who under normal circumstances may not be able to fulfill the criteria demanded by the mortgage companies, but with our innovative techniques can buy your house and you will still get the full market value.

Sound to good to be true, well it may do, but our satisfied customers will tell you how we took the stress out of selling their house and found fast and effective solutions to keep all parties happy.

‘I was in arrears on my mortgage by £3460 and was 4 weeks away from repossession, my house had been on the market for months and I was getting offers on the property that were less than what I owed the mortgage company. The last thing I wanted to happen was to get my house repossessed as my credit rating would have been ruined. I thought I was completely out of options when I stumbled across We Buy Properties on the internet. Within one week they had stopped repossession proceedings with my lender, agreed to pay off the mortgage debt and gave me £2000 on top. The paperwork was put into place in days and I was free! I could not believe that after all I had gone through that it could be that straight forward. They listened to me and the situation I was facing and created a solution that seemed to good to be true. Luckily for me it wasn’t and I was able to get my life back on track. I cannot thank ‘We Buy Properties’ enough and would recommend them to anyone who is facing a problem that relates to their property.’

Peter Ramsdale, Birmingham

Are you in Negative Equity with your house? Do you owe more to the mortgage company than the property is worth? Unfortunately, due to the crash in house prices over the last few years, many people are in this position and feel trapped. You may think you can’t sell and pay back all the money you owe to the bank. You may not have any savings to cover this shortfall.

Want to move on, but feel your circumstances will not allow you to?
We Buy Properties will help you sell your house and walk away owing nothing. We are helping people like you every day. We have a solution for you that will enable you to walk away from the stress of being in negative equity. Free that chain from around your neck. You will have your freedom back and will no longer be a prisoner to the bank.

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