House Repossession

Nobody wants to face repossession but sadly it is a growing problem as an increasing number of homeowners and families struggle to make ends meet. Today repossession figures are at a high level all across the UK.

Repossession is not only a frightening experience; it carries repercussions that will adversely affect your future. Repossession makes any future lending extremely difficult because it adversely affects your credit rating, making it extremely hard for you to rebuild your credit history and qualify for a mortgage in the future.
This can lead to an uncertain future for you and your family. You will be forced to move out of your home and find other accommodation and it can be very difficult to rebuild your life once you a on the possessions register – the black list held by the credit agencies.

If you are facing repossession, it is important to act, before it is too late. Once you have missed your mortgage payments you do not have very long.

The court process for repossession follows a strict procedure.
• The summons for possession. You will be given a date and a time for the hearing
• The hearing. In most cases, the court will issue a possession order – usually around two months.
• The Bailiffs. They are given a warrant and will give you a 14-day notice in order to pay your arrears. The procedure can be stopped at this point if you pay your arrears but in some cases, you will be asked for full repayment of the whole mortgage loan.

If you are in this position, we can help you stop repossession.

With an assured sale of your house, your repossession can be halted. Once you agree to sell your property to one of our investors, the court can award you a stay of repossession.
This means that you now can complete your house sale within 28 days and even if you leave it to the day of the eviction, this proof of sale will halt the process.
The advantages to you are immense. It gives you breathing space, cash from your property and the ability to buy a house again in the future.

Don’t leave your situation until it has got to the last minute.
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