Financial difficulties

Caught in a cycle of spiralling debt and threatening letters? Spending sleepless nights worrying about your financial situation? Missed mortgage payments?
In many cases, bankruptcy is the inevitable conclusion unless you take action FAST!

The economic crisis in the UK is making life increasingly difficult for households across the country as homeowners struggle under a growing mountain of debt. If you are in this situation, you are not alone.
Many people have looked to credit cards and loans in order to meet mortgage repayments and credit agreements but this does not work.
The problem does not go away, it just gets bigger and the longer you leave it, the worse it becomes.
The burying your head in the sand approach, unfortunately won’t work, especially when it comes to missed mortgages repayments. You cannot afford to ignore it.

You may be thinking about consolidating your debts by taking out a further mortgage on your property. Remortgaging only ever provides a temporary respite because it is another debt to add to your list and this time it is secured on your home.
Once you fall behind on payments your home will be at risk.

Borrowing to get out of debt simply does not work and often leads to bankruptcy.
Once you are declared bankrupt, you risk losing everything, your home and all your assets. After this, it is hard to rebuild your life.
Your insolvency will be made public and only if you fully co-operate with bankruptcy proceedings will you be discharged and the bankruptcy closed after 12 months, however it has much longer lasting repercussions.
Bankruptcy stays on your credit file for between 7 to 10 years. This makes it hard for you to get credit again, apply for a mortgage, a car loan, credit card or any type of loan.
Many mortgage lenders will count bankruptcy at any time in your life as a permanent black mark against you, so it could have life long consequences.

The only way to overcome debt is to pay it off and start again by reducing your monthly outgoings.
Selling your property and using the equity on your home to pay off debts may seem drastic but it enables you to make a fresh start. Before you are forced into repossession and bankruptcy.
‘We Buy Properties’ can help you. We can pay you cash for your property and the sale can take as little as 28 days. We can offer a hassle free sale and an immediate remedy to your problems.
Once you have sold, you can start rebuilding your life free from debt. More importantly, you can move on free from the stigma and shadow of bankruptcy.

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