Broken Chain

Selling your house is one of the most stressful situations in your life and can be full of problems – especially if you are caught in a chain.

Once one buyer pulls out, the whole chain collapses leaving you to go through the entire process again. It can take months to get back to the same position. Time that you may not have.

• You may need a fast sale in order to buy your dream house.
• You may need to sell your house to relocate for a job or move abroad.
• You may need to sell to avoid repossession.
• You may need to sell because of debt or redundancy
• You may have another reason why you need to sell, which is personal to you.

Delays can ruin your plans and if you go through an estate agent it is highly unlikely that they will be able to work to your time frame.

Even if you get a firm offer on your property, you are not assured of a fast sale. Your buyer may be caught in a chain and waiting to sell his or her own property first, the mortgage application may not be successful, or there may be any number of reasons that cause a delay.

Although this might not be the estate agent’s fault, it does not help your situation. If you need to sell your property fast you cannot rely on an estate agent to deliver.

Currently 1 in 3 house sales by Estate Agents fall through and can happen at any time before the exchange of contracts. When this happens you have no option but to start the whole sales process again, or looking for a bridging loan which can be risky if your house sale is further delayed.

An easier solution is to sell your property to a cash buyer. That way you can free yourself from the property chain and move on with your plans, worry free.

At ‘We Buy Properties’ we have a network of buyers looking to buy property in all areas across the UK. We provide an easy, hassle free and assured service.

Once you have accepted your offer, your sale is guaranteed. You can be ready for completion within just 28 days or a later date at your own choosing.

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